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Holiday deliveries could increase accident risks 

Supply chain issues have plagued Amazon and other retailers for months now. With the holidays coming on, this is only going to get more problematic.

To the company’s credit, Amazon at least says that it is ready to deal with the influx of orders as the Christmas season arrives. They say they have really worked on their transportation system, using boats, trucks, planes and all other vehicles that they have at their disposal. They also say that they are dedicated to doing this in a fashion where safety, speed, and efficiency are of the essence.”

But can they promise that level of safety?

The issue is simply that an increased number of deliveries on an already stressed supply chain can cause a lot of situations where workers feel like they need to rush. This includes delivery drivers. Plus, a lot of those drivers may be new to the job, having been hired to try to alleviate these supply chain woes or they may have been added as temporary drivers for the holiday season specifically.

These drivers may not be familiar with the roads they’re on, they may be stressed out, they may have a lot of deliveries to make in a tight time frame and they may be willing to rush to get that done. That could cause accidents if they make driving mistakes, which is always a greater risk with any driver who is in a rush.

If you get injured in an accident with a delivery truck or a semi this year, make sure you are well aware of your legal options to get financial compensation. It may help cover medical bills, lost wages and much more. Contact an Easton commercial vehicle accident lawyer to learn more.

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