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Do you want to help your older loved one stay safe on the road?

From teenagers to those in their golden years, drivers of all ages grace the Pennsylvania roadways. You may have a parent or other older loved one who still drives, and while he or she may certainly have the capabilities to do so, you may still worry about the possibility of an accident. Whether your loved one contributes to an accident or not, you know that such an event could have devastating consequences on an older person.

As a result, you may want to make sure that your loved one can stay as safe as possible while on the road. It is likely that a loved one with good vision and good health will not simply hand over the car keys and limit his or her freedom, but you may be able to suggest some safety tips that seem acceptable.

Safety is a top priority

Just because your loved one is older, this does not necessarily mean that he or she is a bad driver or will suddenly become a bad driver. A number of factors aside from age could contribute to older people having driving trouble, such as issues with vision, hearing, health, physical mobility and others. Still, if you have concerns about your older loved one being on the road, you may want to talk about the following ideas for safer travels:

  • Buying a safer vehicle: If your loved one is in the market for a new vehicle, you may want to suggest that he or she buy one with high safety ratings. You may even look into whether any available options have features geared specifically toward senior drivers.
  • Limiting time on the road: This tip may be tricky because your loved one may think that you are trying to impose limits on his or her life, but you may be able to discuss self-limiting driving time and allow him or her to recognize when driving may not be a good idea, such as on icy roads or at night.
  • Taking a safety course: It is not only new drivers who could benefit from driver’s ed. You may want to suggest that your loved one take a refresher safety course and maybe even tag along yourself.

Because you are acting out of love, you certainly do not want your loved one to feel as if you think he or she does not have the capability to drive safely. However, bringing up these safety tips could go a long way in ensuring successful trips. Of course, in the event that your loved one is involved in a serious car accident caused by another driver, you may want to help by gaining information on personal injury claims.

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