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Cellphone use while driving unlikely to be banned in Pennsylvania

For months now, motorists in Pennsylvania have been told over and over about the dangers of texting and driving. In fact, a ban on the dangerous activity went into effect earlier this year in March. However, some feel that a ban on texting still isn’t going far enough to keep drivers safe.

Recently, the possibility of a complete ban on all cellphone use while driving has been making news. Advocates for restricting distracted driving are proposing new legislation that would ban any use of a cellphone while driving, including talking, texting, emailing and looking for directions.

However, the additional restrictions are unlikely to be debated or approved in the near future. Pennsylvania lawmakers are coming to the end of their two-year session and the extension of a cellphone ban is not a priority, according to reports.

While this has disappointed a number of people who are looking to improve safety on the road, it does not excuse distracted driving. Even though inattentiveness due to chatting on a phone may not warrant a ticket, a distracted driver can still be held responsible in the event that he or she causes an accident.

Distracted driving is extremely dangerous. Even if a person isn’t texting on their phone, drivers who look down for even a few seconds to check their phone can travel a significant distance without any awareness of the cars around them. When drivers are negligent or inattentive behind the wheel, innocent victims can be seriously injured or killed in a car accident. While money cannot undo the damage that a reckless driver has done, it can certainly help victims and their families recover financially from the accident.

Source: CBS Philadelphia, “Further Restrictions On Cell Phone Use While Driving Unlikely,” Sept. 9, 2012

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