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Additional caution needed for winter driving

When you think about it, driving is always dangerous. Consider, you are enclosed in a metal box, often traveling at more than 100 feet per second. Human reaction time is such that no matter what happens in front of your vehicle, you have probably traveled almost 100 feet before you can take any action.

On congested roads in Pennsylvania, you may have few options beyond attempting to hit your brakes. And this is why the State Police and the Department of Transportation urge all drivers to slow down and drive the proper speed for conditions.

In the summer, when the days are long and the roads are typically warm and dry, your tires have a great deal more traction. When visibility is lessened by darkness or weather, chances are your ability to maneuver and stop your vehicle is also lessened. There have already been numerous multi-car collisions on the highways in Pennsylvania. Lake-effect snow has been the cause of some, but any snow or ice storm can make a routine drive into a nightmare.

Recently, three truck drivers died when a tire blew out and the driver lost control and crashed on into a semi truck in the other lane. A third vehicle struck those two, perhaps because he was following too closely.

Catastrophic crashes like these and other examples should remind everyone that the highways pose a constant danger and that it is essential that you drive with caution, no matter what type of vehicle you drive and during every trip.

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