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4 tips for driving with children in the car

Driving with your children in the vehicle can be a challenge, especially if the kids are younger. One thing that drivers must remember is that they can’t let the children become a distraction that causes safety hazards.

Before you take another trip with children in the car, remember these safety tips so you can enhance the chance everyone will make it to their destination safely.

If your child has been injured in a recent wreck, contact an experienced child injury lawyer in Easton, PA to learn about your rights.

#1: Prepare the vehicle

Ensure the vehicle is ready for your trip. Check the fluids and critical components like tire tread depth and brakes. Making sure you have a safe vehicle is important because you don’t need malfunctions while on the road.

#2: Buckle everyone up

Everyone who’s in the vehicle should be buckled up properly. A rear-facing car seat is recommended until the child is two years old. A forward-facing car seat is required until the child is at least five years old. A booster seat is crucial until the child can safely fit in the seat belt. Everyone in the vehicle should be buckled up. Children who are 12 or younger should be in the back seat.

#3: Secure any loose objects

Loose objects can become flying projectiles in a crash. Secure everything in the vehicle. If there are things you can’t secure in the passenger area of the car, put it in the trunk. SUV owners can use a cargo net to help keep things secured.

#4: Pull over if you’re distracted

You may need help to avoid having to help your child with something during your trip. Never try to reach back to do something with the child. Instead, pull over when it’s safe to do so and take care of the child. It may be beneficial to have someone who can help you with the kids if you’re going on a long trip and the children are younger.

If a crash occurs, ensure you determine if you suffered any injuries and evaluate your child. It’s a good idea to have the child checked by a doctor even if you think they didn’t suffer any injuries. You may choose to seek compensation from the negligent driver who struck you. This is an opportunity to recover damages, including the cost of medical bills and missed wages. Pennsylvania law limits how long you have to take action, so don’t waste time. Contact an Easton car accident injury attorney today.

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