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3 ways to improve visibility when driving in winter 

As winter approaches, there are numerous hazards that drivers may not have faced during the warmer months. Colder conditions, rainfall, wind, ice and snow all pose a potential threat to driver safety. These conditions in themselves can result in impaired visibility. Additionally, during the wintertime, road users will generally have to spend more time driving in the dark. 

As a result, it is important to consider ways that visibility might be improved. Being visible yourself is vital as well as possessing the ability to view other vehicles and hazards on the road. Outlined below are three ways to improve visibility when driving in winter. 

Use headlights effectively

Not only is it in your best interests to utilize your headlights effectively, but Pennsylvania law also makes it compulsory to use headlights under certain conditions. For example, headlights are expected to be turned on between dusk and dawn. Additionally, headlights are to be used in foggy conditions, during heavy rainfall, or any other conditions that might make it difficult for you to see other drivers and vice versa.  

Wear glasses if you need them

Frequently, visual impairments may become accentuated during darker hours. However, road users can often forget to use glasses or wear contact lenses. It is vital to stay on top of your visual health at all times, but especially when you are driving in challenging conditions. 

Ensure that your windshield stays clean

If a windshield is covered in dirt, dust and other debris, there may be an increased chance of glare as well as condensation. Consequently, it might be best practice to clean your windshield on a regular basis. Additionally, monitoring your screen wash and topping it up as required is advisable. Also, you may find it helpful to use de-icing products on colder days to make sure that your windshield is clear before embarking on your journey.

Driving in winter has the potential to be dangerous. Therefore, it is worth considering ways to adjust your driving behaviors and ensure your protection. If you have been injured in a road traffic accident, it may help to know your legal rights. Contact a PA car accident lawyer today.

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