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Spinal cord injury severity can vary greatly

The impact of a car wreck can lead to severe injuries, some of which will last a lifetime. One catastrophic injury that’s possible is one to the spinal cord. When this is damaged, you may have temporary effects but there are also some that can be permanent. 

Spinal cord injuries are grouped into two categories. One of these is complete injuries, which means that the nerves are totally severed so there’s no feeling or movement below the level of the injury. The other is incomplete, which means that some nerve pathways remain connected. This enables the person to have some movement or feeling in the affected area. 

What is a spinal concussion?

A spinal concussion occurs when there’s some spinal cord dysfunction after an injury but it’s transient and will often only last a couple of days at the most. This can lead to painful symptoms like feelings of burning or electrical shock. Numbness and tingling may also occur. 

The type of spinal cord injury determines the treatments that are necessary. Immediately following the injury, the priority is making sure that there isn’t additional damage done to the spinal cord. From there, surgery, close medical monitoring, and other treatments are possible.

People who are injured in a car wreck and have back pain or changes in their ability to move should ensure they get medical care. All spinal cord injuries should be taken seriously since they can cause life-long impacts. Those victims might choose to seek compensation for the financial damages they incur due to the injury. There is a limited time in Pennsylvania to get these cases filed so be sure to act swiftly after the crash.

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