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Go to the doctor after an accident, even when you feel fine

The car accident leaves you shaken and scared, but you do not think you got injured. There is no blood. There are no broken bones. You get out of the car on your own and walk to the side of the road, where you wait for the emergency crews.

It’s tempting to assume you got lucky and opt not to seek medical treatment. Why talk to the doctor when you feel fine? You just want to go home and rest or start sorting out the insurance process for your wrecked vehicle.

You may not be hurt, but it is generally best to talk to a doctor anyway. Remember that injuries can be hidden. Sometimes it takes days for them to really show up.

Sometimes it’s the adrenaline, which covers up the pain. In other cases, you have internal injuries without clear physical signs at first. In still other cases, the “minor” injuries you suffered aren’t that minor at all. Maybe you have a slight headache, for instance, but you assume it’s nothing. If that headache just gets worse for a week, then it’s clear that you have a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

No matter what, the best way to make sure you actually avoided injury is to go to the doctor. It helps you to have medical records and to get care quickly. Best case scenario, you really are fine and they just send you home. It’s definitely worth it to check.

If you do find out that you suffered serious injuries, you may be able to seek out financial compensation for medical bills and other costs. Contact an experienced Easton personal injury lawyer to learn more.

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